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First incorporated in 1974 and reorganized in 1999, the Willsboro Heritage Society’s mission is to gather, preserve and study the history of Willsboro and to create and maintain an interest in it.

The Society is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit membership organization located in downtown Willsboro in the former Champlain Bank building at 6 Gilliland Avenue. The building serves as the Willsboro Heritage Center and Museum and houses the collections and archives of Willsboro’s past. The Museum is open during the summer months and by appointment.

1789 portrait of William Gilliland painted by Ralph Earl.
Acquired by the Paine Family in memory of Mr. Peter
Paine Sr. for Fort Ticonderoga. On Permanent loan to
the Willsboro Heritage Society.

Early beginnings

Willsboro, on Lake Champlain, was first settled in 1765 by William Gillilland, a New York City merchant who had purchased 9,000 acres granted by the British Crown to veterans of the French and Indian Wars. Razed by the British during the War for Independence, Willsboro was rebuilt after the war and organized as a town on March 7th, 1788.

Adsit Log Cabin located on
Willsboro Point.
Smith House located on
Willsboro Point.
Congregational Church
Main Street Willsboro.